9 Star Antique US Parade Flag | An Extremely Rare Star Count | Circa 1876-1890

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9 Star Antique US Flag 1.jpg
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9 Star Antique US Parade Flag | An Extremely Rare Star Count | Circa 1876-1890


Frame Size (H x L): 12” x 10”
Flag Size (H x L): 4” x 2.5”  

Offered is a very rare nine-star parade flag in a reverse mount.  This flag was made to commemorate Arkansas’s secession from the Union, or alternatively the 100-year anniversary of New Hampshire's inclusion.

Seven-star flags were made with Southern sympathies and commemorated the first wave of states that seceded from the Union, starting in 1861.  The first wave included Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas.  And soon thereafter, Virginia seceded as the eighth state and Arkansas, as the ninth.  Similar to the seven-star flags, this nine-star version may have also commemorated the secession of the Southern states and, in particular, Arkansas.  Like seven-star flags, eight-star flags are also confidently referred to as Southern sympathy flags, based on Virginia's importance to the Union.  But whether this nine-star flag is also a Southern Sympathy flag is unclear, in part because of Arkansas’s lack of historical and political importance relative to Virginia’s. 

Alternatively, this nine-star flag may have commemorated the 100-year anniversary of New Hampshire's inclusion to the Union.  Its anniversary was on June 21st, 1878, a date consistent with this flag’s makeup, which is so similar to the thirteen-star flags waved in 1876.  In addition, New Hampshire's anniversary marked a historic celebration, as it was the ninth state and the one that lead to the ratification of the Constitution.       

While we do not know with certainty what this nine-star flag commemorated, we do know is that it is extremely rare, based on both its star count and oval pattern.  Of the parade flags having fewer than thirteen-stars, the eight and nine-star versions are by far the rarest.  Seven-star parade flags, for example, outnumber their nine-star counterparts by a ratio of 100-to-1. 

Conservation Process: This flag was hand sewn to cotton fabric, and both were hand sewn to a mounting board.  To prevent the black dye in the cotton fabric from seeping into the flag, it was first washed in a standard wash and then in a dye setting wash.  The flag is positioned behind Conservation Clear Acrylic (standard) or behind Optium Museum Acrylic (per request).

Frame: The walnut frame includes a decorated gold inlay, and dates to between 1860 and 1890.

Condition Report: This flag has some fading and minor tearing, but most notably has a quarter-sized stain across its stripes on the fly end.   

Collectability Level: The Good – Perfect for Beginning Collectors and Gifts  
Date of Origin: 1876-1890  
Number of Stars: 9
Associated War: Indian Wars (1860-1890)
Associated State: New Hampshire or Arkansas

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