Sell Your Antique Flag

BONSELL | AMERICANA is always buying fantastic antique flags.  If you have a special flag and are interested in selling it, please send the following to

          1. Photographs of your flag
          2. The dimensions of your flag 
          3. The provenance related to your flag
          4. Your asking price, if you have one 

We are interested in the rarest and most unique flags.  And in particular, we are always interested in the following: 

          1. Flags with exotic star patterns
          2. Flags associated with political campaigns
          3. Flags with overprints
          4. Flags with 40, 41, and 43 stars
          5. Flags with 38 and fewer stars

We look forward to working with you.  Our passion is conservation and quality, and we will pay accordingly.  We encourage you to contact us if you have a great flag, or if you have any questions.

Below is a sampling of the kinds of flags that we are currently looking to purchase.

18 Star Antique Flag

Spectacular 18 Star Flag with a Starburst Pattern | Made Either to Recognize the Free Union States or to Commemorate Louisiana's Statehood | Circa 1861-1890

Entirely Handmade 36 Star Antique Flag with a Great Star Pattern | A True Folk Art Masterpiece | Circa 1864-1867

36 Star Antique Flag

35 Star Antique Flag

Extremely Rare 35 Star Antique Flag with Haloed Medallion | Likely Owned by Civil War Era Auctioneer, William M Newhall | Discovered in Redwood City, California | Circa 1863-1865

Antique American Flag with a 1776-1876 Star Pattern | A Masterpiece in Design | Colorado Statehood | Circa 1876

1776-1876 Antique Flag


13 Star Antique Flag with a Wreath and Center Stars | One of Approximately Fifteen Flags with this Pattern | Circa 1890-1900

31 Star Antique Flag with an Outstanding Grand Luminary Star Pattern | California Statehood | Circa 1850-1858

31 Star Antique Flag