44 Star Antique Flag with an Hourglass Pattern | Wyoming Statehood | Circa 1890-1896

44 Star Antique Flag
44 Star Antique Flag
44 Star Antique Flag
44 Star Antique Flag

44 Star Antique Flag with an Hourglass Pattern | Wyoming Statehood | Circa 1890-1896


Frame Size (H x L): 9” x 12”
Flag Size (H x L): 3.75” x 6.5”

Offered is a forty-four star flag printed on glazed cotton.  The stars on this flag are arranged in an hourglass pattern.  This pattern is most often seen on forty-four star flags, as this number of stars, in an 8-7-7-7-7-8 pattern, most naturally form such a shape.  The stars tumble within each row, such that every other star is in a normal position and every other star is an upside down position. 

The forty-four star flag represents the inclusion of Wyoming to the Union.  Wyoming was admitted on July 10th, 1890, and this flag became official on July 4th, 1891.  Presidents Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland served under this flag. 

In 1889, Congress considered adding the Dakota Territory as a single state.  What happened, however, was that the Dakota Territory was split it into two states: North Dakota and South Dakota, and they were both admitted on November 2nd, 1889.  Soon thereafter, on November 8th, 1889, Montana was admitted as the forty-first state, and on November 11th, 1889, Washington was admitted as the forty-second.  When Congress went on break, flag makers began producing anticipatory forty-two star flags for the following July 4th, 1890.

To the surprise of many, on July 3rd, 1890—just one day before the forty-two star flag was going to be official—Congress admitted Idaho as the forty-third state.  As a result, the forty-two star flag never became official, but the forty-three star did.  Just a few days later, on July 10th, 1890, Congress admitted Wyoming as the forty-fourth state.  As a result of this rapid succession of state admissions, flag makers made large quantities of unofficial forty-two star flags and official forty-four star flags, but hardly any forty-three star flags (despite it being an official star count).

The forty-four star flag is relatively rare when compared to, for example, the forty-five star flag, as a result of it being used after the Centennial, but before the Spanish American War.  The forty-four star flag was the official flag for five years up until July 4th, 1896, the time at which the forty-five star flag became official and began to represent the inclusion of Utah in the Union. 

Conservation Process: This offering is positioned on cotton rag board.  It is positioned behind Conservation Clear Acrylic (standard) or behind Optium Museum Acrylic (per request).   

Frame: The frame is an antique oak frame.

Condition Report: This flag is in excellent condition.   

Collectability Level: The Good – Perfect for Beginning Collectors and Gifts   
Date of Origin: 1890-1896  
Number of Stars: 44 
Associated State: Wyoming  
Associated War: The Indian Wars (1860-1890)   

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