Antique 13 Star Flag Ribbon | Circa 1866-1910

Antique 13 Star Flag Ribbon
Antique 13 Star Flag Ribbon
Antique 13 Star Flag Ribbon
Antique 13 Star Flag Ribbon

Antique 13 Star Flag Ribbon | Circa 1866-1910


Frame Size (H x L): 5.5” x 7”
Flag Size (H x L):
1.75” x 2.5”

Offered is thirteen-star flag ribbon, dating to between 1866-1910.  It is made of silk.  Such flags were used to accent lapels, military medals, fraternal items, and political items.   

The original use of the thirteen-star flag dates to June 14th, 1777, the time at which the Continental Congress adopted a resolution creating the first official flag.  The resolution stated, “Resolved, that the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white, that the union be thirteen stars, white on a blue field, representing a new constellation.”  Thirteen-star flags were official from 1777-1795, but have been in use ever since. 

Small US Navy boats used it as the ensign from 1795 until 1916.  Thirteen-star flags were also flown at the time of George Washington’s death in 1799 and to celebrate the nation’s 50th anniversary in 1824.  They were also flown in 1824 in honor of General Lafayette’s return to the US for his nationwide tour.  Celebrations for his Revolutionary War service were held in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, along with many locations in the southern and western states. 

Further, thirteen-star flags were also common during the Mexican War in 1846-1848 and the Civil War in 1861-1865.  They were both relatively close in time to the revolution and were very patriotic times, particularly during the Civil War time period when flag use became much more common than had ever previously been the case. 

Conservation Process: This flag was hand sewn to cotton fabric, and both were hand sewn to a mounting board.  To prevent the black dye in the cotton fabric from seeping into the flag, it was first washed in a standard wash and then in a dye setting wash.  The flag is positioned behind a UV resistant acrylic, and spaced apart therefrom using spacers. 

Frame: This flag is in a modern frame.  The frame includes a gold outer rim, a black middle rim, and a gold inner rim.  All three rims are distressed.

Condition Report: This flag is in excellent condition.   

Collectability Level: The Good – Perfect for Beginning Collectors and Gifts

Date of Origin: 1866-1910  
Number of Stars: 13 
Associated War: The Civil War (1861-1865)  
Associated State: Original 13 Colonies

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